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Student Care Line

The La Mesa Student Care Line

Over the last several years, the William S. Hart Union High School District has placed an emphasis on student wellness. Knowing that a student who feels emotionally supported is more successful, the District set out to open Wellness Centers on each of our campuses, with the first of those opening in August of 2019. Now the District is looking to expand this effort even further by taking the existing Text-A-Tip line and re-branding it as the new Student Care Line, providing a more comprehensive function.


Text-A-Tip has been used by students, staff and families to report something out of the ordinary. With the goal being “If you see something, say something," Text-A-Tip was there to report if someone was wanting to hurt themselves or others, or even if there was the possibility of someone committing a crime.

The new Student CAREText will be broadened to include mental health and wellness concerns. If you are struggling or know someone who is struggling, the Student CAREText will make early intervention possible, allowing for small problems to be handled before they become big problems.


  • Trouble controlling emotions
  • Withdrawal from friends and usual activities
  • Feelings of rejection or solitude
  • Feeling constantly disrespected
  • Frequent loss of temper
  • Increased risk-taking behavior
  • Talk of suicide or loss of hope
  • Self-harm
  • Declining school performance
The Student CAREText allows you to confidentially report issues.
Text the problem or issue to 661-213-9409. Your text message will go to an administrator immediately.

Students and families are at their best when their emotional well-being is supported. Please join us in our commitment to this effort by using our Student CAREText when you need it.

Thank you for all you do to keep La Mesa safe! Thank you for look out for each other!