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Enrollment/ Registration

After enrollment, the registration process begins. Registration is a 3-step process. 
  • Step 1 (STATE Requirement): Ensure Immunizations are current
  • Step 2 (DISTRICT Requirement): Complete Online Registration (OLR)
  • Step 3 (SCHOOL Requirement): Complete Online School Registration Forms
*After these 3-steps are complete, you and your child will attend our annual Summer Check-in Event (see details below). 
If your child is missing a vaccination, you will receive a notice from the school. Upon completing any missing vaccinations, please email or drop-off a copy of proof of vaccination to the school's health technician. 
If your child is missing a vaccination, work with your health provider to schedule an appointment ASAP.
For additional information about vaccination requirements in California schools, visit: https://www.shotsforschool.org/
The William S. Hart Union High School District uses Online Registration (OLR) to collect District-wide forms and update student records for each school year. This replaces many of the forms previously provided in the paper packets distributed over summer break. 
To complete Online Registration (OLR), you myust login to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. 
To complete this step, click on the following link to go to our Online Registration page: https://bit.ly/2ZO3A5b
There are site-specific school forms required by La Mesa Junior High that must be complete online. 
These documents include: 
  • Nighttime Residency Questionnaire
  • Cell Phone Agreement
  • Chromebook Agreement
  • Title I Annual Notification
To complete this step, parents/ guardians must check your emails. You will receive an email from Informed K12 with a link to these forms. 
Before the start of school, La Mesa hosts a Summer Check-in day where students will complete the following: 
  • Pick up textbooks
  • Take their photo ID/ yearbook picture
  • Receive student ID card
*This year, all purchases such as P.E. clothes, yearbooks, spirit wear, etc. will be done online. Visit our La Mesa Web Store. (note: webstore will be activate in mid-July)
BEFORE arriving to Summer Check-in, the following items MUST be done: 
  • Ensure state's requirement for immunization compliance
  • Complete the District's Online Registration (OLR)
  • Complete the school's registration forms online via Informed K12
For more information, click on the following link to go to our Summer Check-in Page: