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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

Registration hours are from 9:00 a.m.11:00 a.m. (Monday-Friday).


  • A parent/guardian/caregiver must be present to enroll a minor child.


  • District requests birth certificate, withdrawal grades, immunization record, transcript, and current IEP, and any other relevant documentation be provided during enrollment.


  • Proof of Residency is required. The following documentation is required to establish residency:


Determination and Proof of Residency

In the State of California, when enrolling a child in public school, the parent/legal guardian/caregiver must provide current proof of residency within the school district boundaries. Government Code 244 defines a residence as: "the place where one remains when notworking....and to which one returns for sleep". It also states, "There can only be one primary place of residence declared for the student."Evidence of residency for a pupil living with his or her parent/legal guardian/ caregiver shall beestablished by current documentation showing the name and address of the responsible adult withinthe school district. Effective January 1, 2012, recent legislation (AB 207) has added the following tothe California Education Code, Section 48204.1, which states that any one of the followingdocuments will be accepted:


1)Property tax payment receipts.


2)Proof of escrow closing within 45 days of requested date of enrollment.


3)Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipts.


4)Utility service contract, statement or payment receipts.


5)Pay stubs.


6)Voter registration.


7)Correspondence from a government agency.


8)A stack of recent business mail forwarded to the current address.


9)Written Declaration of Residency executed by the responsible adult enrolling the child perregulations of Assembly Bill 207. Home visits will be conducted to verify residency. Per



California Penal Code Section 126, misrepresentation on the Declaration of Residency isconsidered perjury and is punishable by imprisonment or fine pursuant to subdivision (h) ofSection 1170.Once the residency requirement has been met, your child's enrollment may proceed. Please be awarethat unannounced home visits can be conducted to verify residency. If it is determined that theinformation provided upon enrollment is not valid, continued enrollment may be affected.Upon enrollment, students must present a copy of up-to-date immunizations against diphtheria,tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and hepatitis B. Students coming from out of thestate or country are required to have the varicella (chicken pox) immunization or verified proof thatthey have had chicken pox. All incoming seventh graders must provide proof that they have met theTdap requirement before starting school.

After all paperwork has been processed, the school will set up an appointment with acounselor to schedule classes