Dress Code Update

IMPORTANT Dress Code Update

As you are likely aware, Canyon Country has experienced some recent violence connected with gangs. While La Mesa has not been directly involved in these issues, we always want to be proactive and vigilant is ensuring the safest environment for our students.

Certain fashion trends are associated with gang affiliation. While we certainly don't want to "judge a book by its cover," we also want to make sure students are not inadvertently advertising an interest in a lifestyle that can put them in danger. Unfortunately, certain major league baseball teams are being claimed to represent gangs here on the east side of the city.

As such, the following MLB team hats, jerseys, and other apparel may not be worn at school:

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Boston Red Soxs
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (LA Dodgers are fine)
  • San Diego Padres

Also, students may no longer wear bandanas of any color or display them from their pockets.

We are working closely with the SCV Sheriff's Department and will update the above list as appropriate, but please know that at this time these actions are a precaution to ensure that miscommunication and fashion choices do not put our students, particularly as they go to and from school, in harm's way.

We appreciate your support and partnership as we continue to keep La Mesa a safe school where learning is a priority.