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The Career & College Club (“CCC”) program is designed to help middle school students plan for and assume responsibility for their future success. Two fundamental goals guide the CCC program: • Empower students to take responsibility for planning and engaging in their own college and career road map; and • Provide the framework for students to promote a college-success culture among their peers. The cornerstone of the CCC model is a curriculum that structures clubs’ activities, while providing enough flexibility for students to determine their own course. The curriculum is divided between the 7th and 8th grades. The 7th grade curriculum includes ten sessions, each designed as a starting point for an area of exploration; clubs may choose to explore each topic beyond the curriculum. Once the 7th grade curriculum is completed, usually in the first semester, students use the remainder of the school year to plan and execute a group project designed to “pass on” their knowledge to their peers. The CCC meets once a week during lunch. Students participating in the clubs are referred to as “mentors”. Mentors are chosen to participate based on their leadership ability, irrespective of their academic accomplishments. The curriculum in not designed to “create” leaders, rather, the curriculum takes existing leaders and provides them with the knowledge and structure necessary to create a college-success culture among their peers. Mrs. Gorlick, school counselor, is the group facilitator or “coach”. Her job is to manage the curriculum and assist the mentors in facilitating each session of the curriculum and project. The goal is for the coach to eventually become an observer within the sessions as the mentors take leadership roles and begin to conduct and facilitate each session. If you have further questions, please contact Mrs. Gorlick at: